Protecting your customers and looking after your brand are key considerations when handling a recall. A poorly managed recall crisis can wipe out decades of brand reputation, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction in an instant. Marketpoint Recall can work with you ahead of time to ensure that you have contingency plans ready to activate 'at the flick of a switch', and thus avoid losing control due to the sheer volume of response and lack of a fast, co-ordinated plan. 




Having the right team to manage your recall response is a fundamental part to safeguarding your brand during a recall crisis. Marketpoint has the experience and capabilities to operate all recalls in a tailored way to suit each client's needs, keeping brand reputation and recovery as a priority and looking after your brand as if it was our own. 




Our contact centers are all staffed with skilled and qualified customer service employees who are trained to meet your specifications. Your customers will be taken care of and communicated with effectively, wherever in the world they are. The secret to a successful project is ensuring a crucial focus on the way a customer is handled via multiple channels throughout their journey. Protect your reputation and come out on top. 




Managed from one central hub, Marketpoint Recall maintains full control of the contact centers so you can fulfill the security obligations and risk assessments needed to keep protected through the process. Such as:

- High level security CCTV

- Call Center Control, Firewalls, System pentrattion testing and Data encryption

- Contact center disaster recovery plans

- Restricted personnel access