Over the years Marketpoint Recall have been the global response support for companies in many differing industries. Check out the recall case studies below, offering a few examples of the work we've done and the methods that have been used for being the communication experts for when a recall alarm is raised. 



Medical Device I

A medical device manufacturer contacted us when a fault was identified in one of their devices. A recall was not required however, an upgrade on the device was essential to correct the problem. Upgrade packs were therefore sent to each customer who responded in order to rectify the issue.


Social Media Crisis Management

Our client, a large well-known UK based charity, came to us with what started as a creative online fundraising campaign for a great cause, turned into a social media nightmare.


Medical II

A global medical device manufacturer performed a voluntary
recall when they discovered there was a problem with one of their
products used for reading blood glucose levels.



Technology Recall
Case Study: High Security Measures

Crisis management and brand damage limitation were the top priorities, so the need for high level, secure locations, with trained staff who would abide by confidentiality agreements was essentially the first phase this company would go through to appoint their recall agency.



A global sportswear company approached us when performing a voluntary recall on heated ski jackets. Sold worldwide via multiple channels, they recalled affected jackets purchased within a certain time frame.