1. We need an overflow call centre to handle part of our recall

We have call centres geographically positioned all over the world, across 18 locations in total. We offer in-country native language-speaking agents in order to provide the optimum customer experience in a sensitive situation, where reassurance, guidance and maintaining a professional approach is of upmost importance.

If you need to swiftly and efficiently target consumers, distributors or any third parties, we can have multi-channel support set up and running, along with integrated telephony and CRM systems in place to train our highly-skilled agents based on your recall protocols. Please see our Recall Communication Support page for more information and to find out how we can help you.

2. How can we set up a mock recall?

A mock recall is a process your company must perform at least once a year. This enables your staff to be ready and know what is expected of them during the recall. Your governing regulatory agency is the best place to get procedures for mock recalls relating to your industry. As part of your mock recall, Marketpoint can support you on all aspects of your recall communication. Our START Package provides your company with a solid contingency plan; which allows for peace of mind knowing your stakeholders will be communicated to and supported effectively, minimising any potential brand damage.

3. What’s a recall task force and why do I need one?

A recall task force or START Team is a group of managers from departments across your company who each handle various responsibilities during a recall. It is important to have a team responsible for traceability and internal co-ordination. For example:

  • Finance Director or Controller: will be handling the costs and monitoring loss of profit
  • Operations Manager: will know all the processes and systems in your company
  • Marketing + PR: working closely with the press and media: issuing press releases and communications to consumers
  • Customer Services: Handling queries and complaints
  • Again; you should always follow the advice issued by your governing regulatory agency for your sector. Our START Package can be a significant contribution to your recall task force and provide top guidance, resource and support for all communication aspects of your recall project.

4. We’ve got a highly sensitive recall that we have issued; how secure is your company and its procedures?

A high level of security is something we take very seriously, especially given the critical and sensitive nature of a product recall. We understand that protocols and procedures need to be handled with care, and this has been proven by meeting the needs of a wide range of very satisfied clients.

5. What will happen when a recall is called?

A recall starts when either your company or your governing regulatory agency declares a recall. At this point, a recall task force should be set up to jump into action.

  • You will issue a press release together with your regulatory agency announcing details of the product recall and how severe it is
  • Identify the product locations; what quantities were in production, where they were distributed, and where consumers are located
  • Remove; all efforts must be made to remove the product
  • Control; ensure those products do not re-enter the market
  • Dispose; follow protocols to dispose
  • Communication; together with your recall agents, set up lines of communication, announce details and hotlines on your website and in the media, and talk to consumers affected, offering a remedy

    To help you while you’re going through this, we create a dashboard dedicated to your recall, providing statistics, geographical reach and response rates so you can monitor how quickly your message has reached all affected, and if low, you can modify your communication strategy. It also gives Marketing and PR info to monitor brand sentiment and Finance department statistics to manage the costs and cash flow implications. See our Recall Communication Support service.

6. What is a “Central Management Hub”?

Operating from a centralised hub just outside London, your dedicated Account Management team will run and co-ordinate international campaigns across our call centres and other relevant stakeholders. We remove the difficulties involved managing a critical project with multiple contacts speaking different languages, across numerous time zones and continents. It’s important to rely on one point of contact - in such a high-pressured situation, we aim to ease the stress and provide seamless support. We see ourselves as an extension of your company, taking on your brand values, processes and procedures, ensuring they’re continually enforced and followed throughout.

7. Why is Marketpoint the best company to run a recall communication campaign?

Marketpoint has a breadth of experience handling recalls across all industries, supporting many countries.

  1. React: always on standby, the minute you notify us about your product recall, we ignite our protocols to alert all relevant call agents about the new case
  2. Speed: Up and running very quickly, less than 24 hours in some cases. Complete our checklists and we can train our agents according to your policies
  3. Respond: With 30 years of experience, we’ve developed a slick and sophisticated approach providing multi – channel response, trackable live through integrated systems. Connect efficiently with your consumers using channels that work effectively together
  4. Reporting: We set up dashboards to monitor your recall. Complete with statistics, geographic locations, consumer reaction and brand sentiment
  5. Cloud based secure servers: Allows you to monitor the recall from your desk anywhere in the world
  6. Our clients trust us to help them during this critical period. We’ve never failed.

8. Do you have any Case Studies?

Over the years, we have built up a wealth of recall communication experience with a portfolio of global clients spanning many industries, including food, medical, technological to name a few. Please feel free to have a look to our Recall Case Studies here.