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Digital Response Channels

Make your customers feel supported and connected to you by offering online interaction throughout the recall process. Marketpoint Recall provide customised landing pages, web-forms and emails so your customers can respond online to recall notifications. Not only is this communication channel efficient for your customers, but it reduces response times and costly manual data entry. Watch customer responses flow seamlessly into your database and automatically update appropriate contact data.


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Clear Contact Management 

Data transparency and visibility is vital when handling a recall campaign, our recall CRM system ensures a detailed overview of customer interaction is visible in a few clicks. The handy tool enables you to see:

  •  History of who’s been contacted

  • The communication channels used

  • The (signed) response from the consignee

  • If follow up is required

  • Full Audit trail


Manage recall projects effectively and easily comply with the authorities requirements with features such as:

  • Store notification tracking numbers against customers for compulsory recall authority reports

  • Pull required data into customised reports at the click of a button

  • A streamlined, efficient process for escalation purposes. This is where our ticketing system springs into action, get tickets assigned to a dedicated member of staff or team to be handled accordingly without delay. This is often a daunting part of managing a product recall so having features like these to save time and effort is a real saviour.


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Cloud Reporting

Having the most recent and accurate information is crucial for product recall progress reporting, for your companies key stakeholders and for supplying to authorities. Our Digital Recall Management cloud software enables you to easily reach accessible data,displayed in an aesthetic and usable format. Our reporting features include:

  • Export status reports to show recent information on your recall project progress.

  • All the information captured can be exported into one consolidated .csv file to be sent directly to the authorities and other stakeholders.

  • Customised dashboards representing live data to show the key points required for internal management.

  • View analytics such as the total number of responses, responses by channel and see the number of contacts yet to respond – this will allow you to develop an effective follow up strategy and gives you the best chance of rectifying the situation with the customer and reaching a 100% response rate