Key Services:

  • Local language Contact Centre support

  • In country phone number provisioning

  • Multilingual Recall Hotlines (dedicated and overflow support)


  • Recall and Crisis communication planning

  • Response handling and follow up

  • Social media monitoring & interactions


Recall and Crisis Communication

Communicating with internal and external stakeholders is paramount. Ensure that your employees, board members and other internal stakeholders are aware of the situation and have adequate information for their roles. Ensure that customers, resellers, distributors and other external stakeholders are notified as soon as possible. Reassuring them of the situation and supplying all relevant information is key to minimising the negative impact of a crisis.

Usually the notification will ask for a response to ensure the notification has been received; this could be a return mail, registering details on a web portal or an inbound phone response. To make the whole communication process easier, all contact information and communication history should be logged on a dedicated recall database. From here you can easily identify who has responded and who may need a second notification, and possibly further engagement.

Providing a dedicated recall hotline is imperative for reassuring your customers and allowing them to gain information when needed. They can call with any questions or concerns they may have, and to get any updates on the recall situation. 


Marketpoint Recall Communication Flow


In a crisis you need a communication partner who can manage all of this for you. With a wealth of experience across a variety of industries, Marketpoint Recall provides the optimum Recall Communications Support.

Through our global network of Contact Centres, we’re are able to provide multilingual recall support services, all managed centrally in the UK. With our integrated cloud based telephony platform and Recall Database, integrated live reports are at your fingertips to get up to the minute statistics.